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Happy October to all you wonderful GSVRHA members and friends!

Summer and those HOT days are fading in the rear view and we have but one last show on the books to get to before we tabulate our long 2020-2021 year end awards. That will be in San Luis Obispo and entries are up on

I hope everyone found time to get out and compete over these challenging two seasons. Whether you were trying for year end championship points and awards or just out learning a new sport, I’m sure you had a great time doing it and making some amazing new friendships. I hear it time and again from many newcomers, what a welcoming and helpful group you all are. Why wouldn’t people want to be a part of that!

I want to take this time to give you more information on our WSVRHA double show in Las Vegas at Horseman’s Park. This show is for WSVRHA points only and goes toward your cumulative year end points for 2020-2021. (All your GSVRHA points always count toward WSVRHA points so check out your standings on that website- As I mentioned, this is a double show, plus an AQHA show as well as a Ranching Heritage qualifier.

Not only will there be year-end awards but we are offering day awards for each show as well as Circuit awards! There are multiple ways to make out like a bandit at this show so come join the fun! One other perk, it’s outside with a new covered arena so no mask mandates!!! Entry forms can be found on the site as well as

I hope to see you all there! May you always have a good ride,

Kathy Torres

GSVRHA President

Send comments, concerns, & ideas to

Always the fashionista, notice our president has color coordinated her shirt and her muckers!

Western States VRHA Finals

Be There!

Just a sampling of the amazing awards that will be given at the WSVRHA Finals

Have you entered? Entries must be in the office October 12, 2021. Have you reserved your stalls? Time’s a wasting! Do you have an LQ or camper? There are plenty of hookups available at the Park. Go to for entry forms, stall and RV reservation forms. Have you reserved your hotel? It’s Sam’s Town, about a mile away from Horsemen’s Park. Don’t put off attending a Western States Finals. The finals are fun and YOU belong there.

Paso Play Offs Shines

Good Weather / Great Show

Vanessa Lawrence sponsored yet another great show. The schedule was amended to make sure the competition was during the coolest parts of the day. Once again the prizes were amazing–above and beyond the normal division awards there were “special” awards for All-Around High Point, High Cutting/Cow Horse Score Combined, High Reining Score, and High Trail/Ranch Riding Combined.

Show Results

  • Winners pictured with Show Manager Vanessa Lawrence
  • Not pictured: Reserve First Time VRH Pete Palm

A Special Moment

Sportsmanship at Its Best

There are often special moments at a horse show. At the recent Paso Playoff Show there was a very special moment of sportsmanship.

Martin Jefferson

The trail class was held in an undulating pasture behind the big arena. By the time the youth were up (last class) it was twilight. Adalyn Jefferson went first. As she picked up the rope for the log drag, the rope came off and the log rolled down the hill. Judge Mike Lund, knowing that darkness was almost upon them, told her he wouldn’t judge that manuever and the log could stay down the hill.

Hearing that, Adalyn’s dad Martin Jefferson, ran all the way up the hill to tell Christian Scanlan what was going on “so he won’t be surprised when he gets there.” It’s the kind of thing that is not uncommon at our VRH shows, but very uncommon in the larger world. Martin took that opportunity to give our youth (and surrounding adults) a powerful example of being a great sport. In that moment it wasn’t just about his daughter, it was about all our youth. Kudos to you Martin!

We are fortunate to compete with such people. We are blessed to be a part of a community where we’re “one for all and all for one.” Golden State Versatility is unique in the competitive world and as long as we have participants like Martin Jefferson we will stay that way.

Good News – Senate Bill 287 Passes The Senate

Bad News – Delayed Implementation

SB 287 author Senator Shannon Grove provided the following legislative update 9/10/21.

“I would like to thank everyone for their unwavering support and dedication to pass SB 287. The bill passed off the Senate floor yesterday with unanimous bipartisan support, a vote of 38-0. Despite the overwhelming support and speed with which the bill advanced through the legislative process, in the final hours of the bill passing through the Assembly Appropriations Committee, amendments were forced upon the bill to delay implementation until 2027.

The Committee cited the California Department of Motor Vehicle’s concern of budgetary needs and time for programming updates. I am grateful for the equestrian community’s engagement and support on the bill and although delayed implementation was not the ideal outcome. The measure currently awaits action by the Governor. Thank you all again for your support, I will continue to keep you updated.”

According to the Assembly Appropriations Committee, the following are the reasons for delayed implementation:
• One-time costs of an unknown, but substantial amount to DMV to modify its information technology programming to accommodate the licensing restrictions required by this bill (Motor Vehicle Account (MVA)).
• DMV reports it is undertaking a complete modernization of its information technology (IT) systems, which will require DMV to place its “core legacy” IT system in “freeze mode.” This means DMV would need to build a temporary solution outside of its core legacy system to allow for the new licensing restrictions. DMV estimates the cost to do so in the “low to multiple millions of dollars.”
• Whatever the costs, according to the Department of Finance, the MVA— DMV’s primary funding source—has a structural deficit, with Finance projecting the fund balance to go negative in fiscal year 2024-25. It is unlikely therefore, that the MVA could cover the costs to implement this bill. DMV would need to borrow funds—from the General Fund or from some other source—to cover those start-up costs.” Sigh . . .

Quote of the Month

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