Golden State Versatility Ranch Horse Association

Affiliate Organizations

In the fall of 2014, Golden State Versatility Ranch Horse Association and Arizona Versatility Ranch Horse Association joined forces to establish a new Versatility Ranch Horse Association with the ability to expand regionally in the future. Our new umbrella organization is the Western States Versatility Ranch Horse Association.

Both AzVRHA and GSVRHA have been growing in leaps and bounds for the past few years and with the evolution and popularity in “Ranch Horse” events exploding across the industry, the advisors of both Arizona and California felt it was time to venture into a new association together. We have worked to develop a program that will have the ability to be creative and innovative and still maintain the integrity of the Versatility Ranch Horse Competition, which requires an all-around well trained horse that excels in multiple events. WSVRHA will promote the athletic ability, intelligence and versatility of the western ranch horse through competition in five classes; Ranch Riding, Ranch Trail, Ranch Cutting, Ranch Reined Work and Ranch Cow Work.

Western States Versatility Ranch Horse Association, is honored to be a founding member of National Ranch and Stock Horse Alliance. The popularity of the Ranch Horse is booming across the country and our association feels extremely privileged to link arms with other associations that are dedicated to preserving the history, culture and versatility of the American ranch horse. We strongly support the mission of developing a horse that can handle livestock as the primary goal of our alliance. We are very optimistic about the future of versatility ranch and stock horse industry, and we are eager to see what is next!

Thank you for your patience as we develop, expand and explore the great ideas of our advisors and members. Our primary objective will always be fun and education. WSVRHA.COM is designed to encourage riders of ALL skill levels from the most novice to the most competitive open rider. Bring the horse you have, come for the day or the weekend and see what the fun is all about!

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