Letter from the Editor

Dear Golden State Members and Friends,

Six amazing competitors will represent the West Coast at the AQHA World Show in Guthrie, OK, June 23-26. Cheer them on! In this issue, we present “Sandy Collier Wisdom, The Rest of the Story.” Lots of opportunities for showing in July-check it out. Great weather and a full house, made for a great show in Carmel Valley-get the results here.

We’re building our membership by introducing versatility through clinics-read about the most recent given by Sarah Clifford and Kathy Torres in Milpitas. As if showing isn’t expensive enough, the CDFA is raising fees! Is there anything you can do about it? Read on. Our “Quote of the Month,” is for June “The Picture of the Month.” You’ll see why. Caption needed!

Thank all of you for your support of our club and this newsletter. I’d love to have comments/pictures/ideas for articles, etc. from you.

Dawn Poston


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Who’s Going to AQHA World Show?

Cheer For Our Members!

  • Debby Sanguinetti
  • Sarah Clifford
  • Christian Scanlan
  • Jody Smith
  • Chris Bugenig
  • Mary Nelson
  • Stephanie Lewis

The prestigious invitation to the AQHA World Show

An overview of the Lazy E in Guthrie, OK where the show is held

Competitors leaving the indoor arena and headed back to the barns

Sandy Collier Wisdom

The Rest of the Story

In our last newsletter, Sandy talked about some general ways to make a positive impression on the judge and specific information about circles/changes. She continues this month with more specifics.

How about the rundown? Do you know how many people at a weekend show don’t make their markers? That’s one of the only parts of the run you have complete control over! Or, turning the corner and bolting down the arena instead of a long gradually building run? Even if your horse is an average stopper, do a long pretty run, past your markers and you might be surprised when he stops better, and you credit the maneuver.

Your spins should be accurate and cadenced. If your horse isn’t a great spinner, don’t try to +1 the spin and end up getting a minus because it gets sloppy and lacks cadence. Train your horse at home to stay between your reins and start your spin and shut it off accurately. Soon, you’ll be building to a faster speed because speed follows form not the other way around. You don’t want to spin faster wronger! And don’t cost yourself points with a sloppy shut off. Be accurate, crisp, and precise.

When working a cow (let’s take boxing) step right up with confidence. “Time worked” is one of the boxes you can earn credit for regardless of your horse’s ability. So, no dawdling about. Step right up and feel for the cow’s “bubble”. When the cow starts to break off, draw back, smartly pivot and go stop your cow. This is worth a lot. Your horse doesn’t have to throw down, but it’s worth a lot if he’s accurate and stopping his cow vs going back and forth across the pen. I used to always tell my non pros it was a 2-point penalty to bore the judge! If you cover your cow left and right, you’ll magically find a rhythm that’s got a lot of eye appeal and mesmerizes a cow. Now it’ll be easier to be smooth, deadly accurate and control the cow. Add to that, stepping up during any lull to create some degree of difficulty, courage and time worked. And yes, those boxes all go up together too.

Pretty soon you’ll no longer be in the 69-70 average run scores. Just by incorporating those elements that you have control of, you’ll credit those boxes and be at a 72+ before you know it.

Judges are all looking for the same things no matter what performance event you’re showing in. We want to see a well-trained horse, that looks like he enjoys his job, challenging the event with accuracy, smoothness, and eye appeal. He doesn’t have to be a supremely talented athlete to mark a 72, he can just be well trained and shown with finesse, precision and courage and watch your score go up.

Thank you, Sandy, for your generous advice and wisdom.

Lots To Do in July

Bolado Park GSVRHA & Watsonville AQHA

Let’s all support Tony Agredano’s Cinch Up Productions VRH show July 2 & 3 at Bolado Park, Tres Pinos. Saturday there will be great clinics with Sandy Collier (NRCHA Hall of Fame & AQHA World Champion), Lyn Anderson, NRCHA Hall of Fame & 2x World Champion), and Bobby Cotta, (Professional Cutter). The show Sunday will be judged by Karin Arlen, Mike Lund, and Don Douglas. As always, the prizes will be great and lunch is included! Go to https://www.cinchuppro.com/ and sign up now.

July 24-28 is the always popular AQHB of SCV Watsonville Quarter Horse Show. The show is a full split combined Quarter Horse Show with cattle, rail and full VRH classes. The VRH classes begin Wednesday July 24. Known for the temperate weather and the great venue, this show is a competitor favorite.

Another Great Carmel Valley Show

Central Coast Ranch Horse Classic Results

A great illustration of the CCRHA-a family event, beautiful scenery, relaxed fun

The Golden State auction was a big success thanks to generous donors and bidders. Kelly Saunders with the beautiful quilt she “won”, donated by Jan Jeffers.

  • AQHA Open Champion – Sarah Clifford
  • AQHA Open Reserve – Chris Bugenig
  • AQHA Amateur Champion – Kim Donlon
  • AQHA Amateur Reserve – Kelly Saunders
  • AQHA Amateur Third – Dawn Poston
  • AQHA Limited Amateur Champion – Alexi Connell
  • AQHA Limited Amateur Reserve – Stephanie Lewis
  • AQHA Limited Amateur Third – Renee Jackson
  • AQHA Rookie Champion – Meghan Carr
  • AQHA Rookie Reserve – Toby Smieciuch
  • AQHA Rookie Third – Debbie King
  • AQHA Youth Champion – Adalyn Jefferson
  • WSVRHA Open Champion – Sarah Clifford
  • WSVRHA Open Reserve – Debby Sanguinetti
  • WSVRHA Advanced Amateur Champion – Kim Donlon
  • WSVRHA Advanced Amateur Reserve – Kelly Saunders
  • WSVRHA Intermediate Champion – Renee Jackson
  • WSVRHA Intermediate Reserve – Bryan Jaeger
  • WSVRHA Limited Champion – Alexi Connell
  • WSVRHA Limited Reserve – Stephanie Lewis
  • WSVRHA Novice Champion – Kim Smoot
  • WSVRHA Novice Reserve – Jessie Smoot
  • WSVRHA Youth Champion – Adalyn Jefferson
  • JR Horse – Heather Bryant/Stylish In My Boots
  • Select – Jody Smith/Xander
  • AQHA High Scoring Ranching Heritage – Debby Sanguinetti/Playtime Pepto
Photographer extraordinaire Aubry McAdams graced the show and has a gallery of pictures of the event at: https://aubrymcadamsphotography.pixieset.com. Check it out and buy some very nice pictures, then share your pictures with the editor of this newsletter for future publication!

Golden State Clinic A Big Success


Numerous (novice to more experienced) riders had an opportunity to learn what versatility is all about and practice with their horses at a recent clinic at KT Training in Milpitas. It’s becoming apparent that a powerful way to grow our membership is thru teaching. We’re hopeful that a whole new group of riders will soon be joining our shows.

The joy of the catch! Adalyn Jefferson is the roper and Johnny the steer is the ropee. Dual Re Mi (Mike) is the horse.

Group of clinic participants waiting their turn

Marty Raynor and Shine

Sarah Westfall and Gunner

Golden State President & Clinician Kathy Torres

New Fees At State Level

CDFA Raises Fees

As of June 1, 2022, the California Department of Food and Agriculture has raised its show/per rider drug test fee from $8 to $14—almost double. While we don’t doubt they do great work, seems like a tough deal at this time. If you wish to comment or ask questions you can call 916-206-4748.

2022 Calendar

Show Dates

For more information, click here to view the complete calendar in a new window

Date Name Location
June 20-25 AQHA: VRH World Show Guthrie, OK
August 12-14 GSVRHA: Clifford Horse Training Versatility Challenge Carmel Valley, CA
Sept 3-4 GSVRHA: Central Coast Fall Classic Clinic & Show San Luis Obispo, CA
Sept 30 – Oct 2 GSVRHA: Running T Fall Ranch Roundup Clinic & Show Ione, CA
Oct 27-30 WSVRHA: Year End Finals Las Vegas, NV

Picture of the Month

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