Letter from the Editor

Dear Golden State Members and Friends,

I looked closely at my horse today and realized that he’s starting to set in his winter coat. How can this be? I hate dealing with the fluffy coat and all it entails. I really don’t want to dig out his winter blanket. My horse doesn’t care, but I’m not a “mudder.” I’m sad when show season ends.

I can be happy for another month! The Western States Championship Shows are October 28-30 and wild horses couldn’t keep me away. Entries are open, due October 14, and I hope to see you there.

The Juni Fisher fundraiser was fun for those who attended and very successful for the Golden State bank account. Despite the heat, the Central Coast Fall Classic was well attended, results in this issue. At every show someone asks me a question that I generally need to look up the answer. Do you know where to find many of the answers? Read on. The Board has come up with a means for more member communication, new division representatives explained and named in this issue.

Have some horseshow fun in October—hairy horses, mud, and winter blankets are just around the corner.

Dawn Poston


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Speaking of mud . . . .

Central Coast Fall Classic


During the worst heat wave we’ve seen in a very long time, many Golden State competitors braved that heat and showed in San Luis Obispo at Dawn Meinhold’s great event. We don’t have pictures of individual champions from the awards ceremony, but we can tell you who they are:

Winners from Jo Anne Carollo’s barn L-R Trisha Proud, Lydia Lawson, Jody Smith, Mandy Stribling

Clifford Horse Training winners & competitors: front row L-R Sarah Clifford, Debbie King, Kim Smoot, Candice Terry, Heather Bryant. Back row L-R Joy Aldrich, Malia Aldrich, Bryan Jaeger, Amy Larson, Jessie Smoot, Emily Wilbur, Meghan Carr, Kelly Saunders

Judge Bill Sanguinetti, Sarah Clifford, and Mike Lund

Dawn Meinhold hosted a lovely dinner for all the participants on Saturday night

Dawn’s barn is beautiful, especially at night.

Open Champion Sarah Clifford
Open Reserve Samantha Scanlan
Advanced Champion Kelly Saunders
Reserve Champion Kim Donlon
Intermediate Champ Bryan Jaeger
Intermediate Reserve Mandy Stribling
Limited Champion Heather Bryant
Limited Reserve Lydia Lawson
Novice Champion Candice Terry
Novice Reserve Debbie King
Youth Champion Joy Aldrich

Western States Championship Show

Entries Open!

Go to wsvrha.org, click on “Calendar”, the showbill/entry form etc. can be found there. Remember that one doesn’t have to “qualify” to show, that there are two complete Western States Championship Shows, two complete AQHA shows, and one Ranching Heritage Show. Over the top prizes for each show, plus year end awards. Hall of Fame horseman Doug Ingersoll and renowned and respected horseman/ judge Frank Craighead are judging. Don’t miss the fun, entry due date October 14.

A few of the prizes

Wondering About Points?

They’re Current and Posted

Western States and Golden State points are posted through the Central Coast Fall Classic.

For Western States, go to wsvrha.org and click on “Resources.”

For Golden State go to gsvrha.org and click on “Calendar and Shows”.

Juni Fisher

Dinner and Concert Very Successful

It was a lovely evening for good food and great singing and storytelling September 10 at the Carmel Valley Trail & Saddle Club. Eighty persons dined in the warm evening air and gathered inside the Clubhouse for two hours of gifted entertainment by Juni.

Many thanks those who donated goods and services to the event: Sharon Bryant/Heather Bryant, red wine, and water; Debbie King, white wine, and beer, Kelly Saunders, license; Kim Donlon, logo glasses; Kim Ruiz, “Happy Trails” bar trailer; Gerry Montgomery ice; Karin Zofcin/Emily Wilbur, Rio Wilber, Piper Wilbur, check in; Janet McGarvey, set up; Susan Bancroft/Meghan Carr, communications; Dawn Poston, “Bossy Britches.”

Juni Fisher singing her heart out.

Bartenders Kim Donlon and Kelly Saunders serve Debbie King.

Juni and Bossy Britches herself!

Division Representatives

A New Golden State Role

In an effort to increase communication, education, and understanding among our Golden State membership, the Board has announced the creation of a new role—Novice, Limited, Intermediate/Advanced & Youth Division Representatives. Basically, their role will be to be an “ear” for membership concerns/questions/recommendations, and a “voice” to the Board for same. They will welcome new members and be a helpful resource to those in the represented division. Candice Terry, Heather Bryant, and Brian Jaeger have agreed to fill the Novice, Limited, and Intermediate roles. Youth TBA.


How To Find Answers

Did you know that there is a Western States Versatility Ranch Horse Association Handbook that covers GSVRHA and it’s found at wsvrha.org under “Resources.” It covers:

  • Association General Rules & Regulations
  • Eligibility
  • Divisions
  • Clinicians & Judges
  • General Rules for Association Events
  • Scoring
  • Class Rules & Regulations
  • Walk Trot Class Rules and Regulations

Recently this editor was asked about the Limited Division; who is it for, who can ride in it, can a rider move “back to” Limited, etc.? I checked the WSVRHA Handbook, Section III Divisions, A. 4, page 16, and got my answers. For every single word, look it up. In summary the Limited Division is for:

  • Amateurs that don’t want to go down the fence or rope
  • Continued education/skill for Novices no longer eligible for Novice
  • Advanced Amateurs, who for life reasons, need to change their riding activities
  • Amateurs wanting to retain their “box only” eligibility in other organizations
  • Amateurs who don’t feel safe going down the fence or roping on a particular horse

Quote of the Month

Winston S. Churchill

British statesman, soldier and writer

“When you are on a great horse, you have the best seat you will ever have”