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Dear GSVRHA Members,

Little by little the world is recovering from the Covid pandemic and thankfully our horse shows are a happening. But, like the horses pictured here, social distancing is still necessary. Easily done at a horse show!

There will be no Golden State horse shows in June as the big event is the AQHA VRH World Show in Guthrie, Oklahoma. This issue tells you who will be representing us there. Read about our new venue and new July show in Paso Robles. There is an update on youth member Taimane Faiaipa’u and SB 287 progress is detailed. Our own Jennifer Harden tells us of an amazing meeting she experienced at the April Ione Show. Just in time for publication are candid pictures of the recent Central Coast Ranch Horse Classic. Member Jessamy German shares a great idea, and finally the GSVRHA calendar and your Quote of the Month.

Let’s go have fun and show our horses!

Dawn Poston, Editor

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AQHA VRH World Show

The West Well Represented

The Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, OK has a stunning natural trail course

The Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, OK has a stunning natural trail course

Our sister organization in the National Stock Horse Alliance, the AQHA, will hold its VRH World Show June 24-27 at the Lazy E Arena in Guthrie, OK. Alexi Connell, Sarah Clifford, Julie Ford, Renee Jackson, Amanda Jacobsen, Carol Kurtz, Jennifer Ray, Debby Sanguinetti, Jody Smith, and Kathy Torres will make the long trip to represent California and Nevada at the event. Go get ’em ladies!

New Venue, New Show

Golden Hills Farm, Paso Robles

Mark your calendar for the July 9-11 Golden Hills Farm show in Paso Robles. There will be three clinics; Rope Handling 101 & Ranch Roping (w/cattle) with Victor Salazar on Friday, 9-noon. Then starting at noon, Introduction to Training Roping and Dragging Logs, with Brent Weimer. Saturday will be Ranch Cutting & Cow Work also with Brent Weimer. The show will begin with Ranch Trail Saturday at 1:00. Saturday evening there will be a Wine Tasting & Barbeque. BBQ, entry, stall & camping information will be on the Golden State web site very soon. Vendor spots are available. Let’s all support this fine new show!

What’s Happening

California State Bill 287

Rigs like this would require a Class C license

SB 287, which would relieve drivers of the need for a Class A license if the GVWR of their trailer is 15,000# or less, has been approved by the California Senate Transportation Committee and the Senate Appropriations Committee. Now it will go through the same process in the California Assembly before, hopefully, coming to a vote by the full legislature. Stay tuned, we’ll need your support again to get it over the finish line.

Our Youth Are Busy!

Good Luck and Go Get ‘Em Taimane

Taimane Faiapa’u , the popular youth trained by Kathy Torres, has been rocking it in the versatility world for years, now she’s rocking the High School Rodeo scene as well. She will be one of four riders representing District 4 in Reined Cow Horse at the state Finals in Bishop, CA June 6-12. She’s currently California High School Rodeo’s District 4 Reined Horse Champion and is 7th in Cutting. Those of us who know her won’t be surprised to know she’s made many new friends and has had a “blast” in her freshman year of High School Rodeo. If she qualifies at the State Finals, she could be representing California at the National High School Finals in Lincoln, Nebraska in July. Good Luck and Go Get ‘Em Taimane, we’re all behind you!!

Taimane models her championship jacket

Taimane models her championship jacket

Guest Contributor Jennifer Harden

Ground-Tied To The Past

Bob, Andy, JoJo (here at age 3), qualified for Jr Cow Horse Finals

Bob, Jen, JoJo at this year's Running T Ranch Round Up held in Ione

It’s the Advanced Ranch Riding, GSVRHA show in Ione, CA 2021:

Me: Holy Moly, it’s our turn! Stay calm, sit deep, breathe into it…awesome Texas trot, smooth and slow . . .gently into right lead…whoa and slow, baby, now hesitate…. breathe…

JoJo: I’m listening mom! …but OMG did you notice there are PEOPLE!!! sitting in CHAIRS!!! over there?…oh ya oh ya, OK mom, ok, right lead…breathe….

We finish our equine-human dialog, exit the arena, then I hop off and loosen his cinch.

Tricia: “What’s your horse’s name?” asks a woman with a friendly smile.

Me: “Sanjo Lights”

Bob (with Tricia): “I’m Bob Warren. I bought that horse as a yearling at the Snaffle Bit Futurity in 2012. Allison told us about the show so we came over to watch and reminisce a bit.”

Here they were, Tricia and Bob, retired to Ione and living next to Allison, equine manager of the Ed Hughs Memorial Arena in Ione. I had met Allison when putting JoJo up for the night. It was a short chat because she was pulling it all together for 50 horses!

Bob: “I knew Ramona Koch from way back – our moms were close friends growing up in Hollister. I was always buying foals, couldn’t resist, and asking Ramona to start them. I grew up with Andy Holcomb’s family and Andy was riding Sanjo and we took him to Mothers’ Day Circuit. I got a call later that week.

Andy: “Hey Bob, I made the finals. I know he’s just 3 but can I take him to the Junior Cow Horse finals in Texas?”

Bob: “…and so off we went! Sanjo was solid. Andy’s skills were pretty clear even at his young age. I wasn’t able to follow Sanjo’s progress after that but he was a special guy to me. I have pictures all over my office of him. Do you want one?”


That day, Bob and Tricia came back for JoJo’s run in reining (3rd) and cow work (1st). They met my teacher/mentor Sarah Clifford; heard about JoJo’s entry into Ranch Horse Versatility when Andy sold him to Golden State member Maribeth Darras, who then 3 yrs later sold him to me. Bob left messages about our meeting for Andy and Ramona. He even told show manager Stephanie Lewis. Somehow the horse world got a little smaller and I was grounded in a greater way to the big little cow horse community. Bob and Tricia are now sponsoring some events at the Ed Hughs arena. And Jen?

Me: Well GSVRHA of course….perhaps the Non Pro at the Salinas rodeo? Non Pro at Reno Snaffle Bit Futurity? Art of the Cowgirl? Lots to choose from and a great horse to do it on!

* GSVRHA Members, do you have a story to tell? Please contact Dawn Poston, we would love to see your story in print!

Central Coast Ranch Horse Classic

Bigger than ever!

Over 55 riders showed their horses in the 3 in 1 Central Coast Ranch Horse Classic Show (AQHA, WSVRHA, Ranching Heritage). The weather was mild and a great time was had by all. Full results will be in our next issue of “In Step With Golden State”, until then, enjoy these candid shots.

* Many thanks to Linda Lee for many of these photos

Mary Nelson and Chris Bugenig double up

Adalyn Jeffreson swings a big loop

Four amigas watching the Trail Class

Everyone pitched in! Cason Jefferson tidying the Ranch Riding course

Jennifer Ray and friends returning from a trail ride

This view is part of why the Carmel Valley Trail & Saddle Club is such a popular horse show, horse camping, and trail riding venue

Very "ranchy" trail course

Horse show hubby Erik Meyenberg serves up the chow

Another horse show hubby, Craig Smith taking a break

Rachael Clifford returns to showing after a hiatus for graduate school

Our Members Have The Best Ideas!

Take a minute to send a ‘thank you’

Member Jessamy German had a suggestion for all of us and asked that it be put in our newsletter. We have very generous sponsors for our shows and she suggests that competitors drop them a line of thanks. Fabulous “Austin Harlow” wine was donated by Bill Austin, and given to every first place winner at the CCRHC (well, not all the winners, the Youth got belt conchos!) Thanks to Jen Harden sharing, we all tried it at the Awards Ceremony, and it is a great wine. A thank you can be sent to:

Bill Austin, 35 Plaza Circle, Salinas, CA, 93901

Great idea Jessie!

Quote of the Month

Dale Carnegie, American Writer and Lecturer

“Much of the best work of the world has been done against seeming impossibilities.”

Mules, horse, inmates clean up Colorado mountain pass

2021 Calendar

Show Dates

For more information, click here to view the complete calendar in a new window

Date Name Location Show Rep
June 17-20 AQHA: VRH World Show Guthrie, OK n/a
July 9-11 GSVRHA: Golden Hills Farm VRH Show Paso Robles, CA Sarah Clifford
August 13-15 GSVRHA: Carmel Valley GSVRHA Clinic & Show Carmel Valley, CA Meghan Carr
Sept 4-5 GSVRHA: Paso Pastures Playoff Paso Robles, CA Dawn Poston
Oct 1-3 GSVRHA: Central Coast Fall Classic San Luis Obispo, CA Mike Lund
Oct 21-24 WSVRHA Year End Finals Las Vegas, NV Kathy Torres