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Dear GSVRHA Members,

August comes from the Latin word augustus, meaning “consecrated,” “venerable,” or “auspicious.” Good to know! But in the world of Golden State Versatility August means “three more shows before the Western States Finals in Las Vegas!”

In this issue, results and pictures from the “World Show” and the new Golden Hills Farm Show. Our last installment from judge Bozo Rogers is featured (he makes it sound so easy to get that coveted 70 in reining) and a heads up for a competitor favorite–Vanessa Lawrence’s Paso Pastures Playoff at Paso Robles Pastures. Also, a special feature for the Peter Smoot Memorial Versatility show is highlighted.

We have a new feature–“You Be the Judge.” A common showing problem is presented with several answer choices. Be the first with the correct answer and receive a $25 VISA gift card. If you have encountered showing problems/questions (and if you haven’t, you haven’t shown!) please share them with us for a future issue.

Finally, a quote of the month that is particularly useful if one shows in the Southwest.

Have an august August. Be venerable!

Dawn Poston, Editor

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A scene from member Renee Jackson’s Nevada ranch The YP

Special Event

Peter Smoot Memorial Show

Peter and Dillon

We hope to see you at the Peter Smoot Memorial Show August 13-14 in Carmel Valley. We will be honoring Peter and his family with a special Grand Entry Sunday morning before the Cutting. Please plan to be a part of this special event as Peter’s family, including his horse Dillon, will be in attendance.

Results from Oklahoma

AQHA, NRSHA, Ranching Heritage World Show

The left side of the country was well represented at the AQHA/NSRHA/Ranching Heritage World Show in Guthrie, OK. When one remembers that it’s a huge win just to get there and compete, Golden State members really excelled! Members/horse’s name/results follow:

Alexi Connell / Nics Back in Black

Ltd Amateur AQHA & NSHRA Top 20
Ltd Amateur AQHA VRH Reining 12th
Ltd Amateur NSHRA Reining 10th
Ltd Amateur AQHA VRH Cutting 6th
Ltd Amateur NRSHA Cutting 5th
Ltd Amateur AQHA Conformation 8th

Sarah Clifford / Its Remedy Time

Open Ranching Heritage All Age Ranch Riding, 5th

Sarah Clifford / Cee My Foolish Tangy

AQHA VRH Senior High Point 9th
Open AQHA VRH Senior Cutting 5th
Open AQHA VRH Senior Reining 6th
All-age NRSHA Reining 9th
Open AQHA VRH Senior Cow Horse 6th

Julie Ford / Fairlea Steady Wisp

Limited Amateur NRSHA Cutting Reserve Champion
Limited Amateur AQHA VRH Cutting 3rd

Amanda Johnson / Duel Bellingrath

Amateur NSRHA All-Around 9th
Ranching Heritage Cutting Reserve Champion
Amateur AQHA VRH Cutting 5th

Carol Kurtz / Master Freckles Boy

Limited Amateur NRSHA Ranch Trail 19th
Limited Amateur Ranch NRSHA Riding 25th

Jennifer Ray / Master Freckles Boy

Open AQHA Senior Ranch Trail 6th
Open AQHA Senior Ranch Riding 18th
Open NRSHA Senior Ranch Trail 4th
Open NRSHA Senior Ranch Riding 8th

Jody Smith / Xander

Limited Amateur Division NRSHA 20th

Kathy Torres / Kalahari Moonshine

Limited Open Ranching Heritage Cow Work 4th
Ranching Heritage Barrels 5th
Open AQHA VRH Senior Cow Horse 1st
Open NRSHA Cow Horse 4th
Open AQHA VRH All Around 4th
Open NRSHA All Around 10th

From the Judge’s Perspective

Fielding “Bozo” Rogers: Ranch Reining

The reining is probably the simplest of all the classes, yet many unnecessary penalties occur. Most of which are rider errors. Probably the most common and costly is not going past the markers before stopping, a 2-pt. penalty. Next is loping off on the wrong lead then breaking gait to correct it, a 1 and a 2-pt. penalty. Missing a lead change and not realizing it for a full circle is also very costly. Normally all of these are rider errors. If you stay on pattern and execute each maneuver reasonably correctly, chances are you will probably mark a 70.

You Be the Judge

The Question? You are doing a reining pattern and your horse travels sideways while spinning. Because of where you end up, your next run down to stop “past center marker” can’t be down the center. The result is that it will be difficult to back up to “X”, the point in the dead center of the arena, to begin your figure eights. What do you, as the rider, do?

  • A. Before making the last run down past the center marker, you sidepass back to center after spinning
  • B. You make the last run down from where you land after spinning and then back up slightly crooked so as to end up closer to “X”
  • C. You back up straight after run down that isn’t centered and start figures eights from where you are
  • D. Figure you’re toast anyway, so exit the arena as quickly as possible, not finishing the pattern

Submit your answer to Member with first correct answer will win a $25 Visa gift card. Answer and explanation in next issue.

Come Join the Fun at Paso Pastures!

September 4-5

Vanessa Lawrence, owner and show manager of Paso Robles Pastures, is known for putting on a great show. As the pictures illustrate, it’s a family affair. Her ranch lends itself to efficiency, the large pen is spacious, has great footing, and a great view! Ditto the cutting pen. An added bonus is getting to see all the beautiful Ryker (Step To The Light) babies living there. Don’t miss it, September 4 & 5. Entry information is out on our Golden State web site.

Vanessa with her grand niece and great grand nephew. It's never too early to begin the horse passion!

The big pen with a beautiful view of the rolling hills beyond

Sit on the grassy hillside, watch the cutting and enjoy the view

At the close of day, enjoy a beautiful sunset

By Every Measure a Great Success

Golden Hills Farm July Show

As a result of clever scheduling on the part of show manager Amanda Ray, what could have been intolerable heat, was made bearable. Everyone worked hard to make for a well-run, well-organized, fun show. With the first show such a success, we can’t wait to see what their next effort will bring.

Show Manager Amanda Ray & Open Champion Mike Lund

Amanda Ray & Advanced Amateur Champion Jennifer Harden

Amanda Ray & Limited Champion Heather Bryant

Amanda Ray & Novice Champion Mandy Stribling

Amanda Ray & Youth Champion Adalyn Jefferson

Bringing in the cattle for the show

Show sponsored barbeque for competitors--with shade!

Indoor arena helped keep competitors/horses cool

Show Results:

Youth All Around

Champion Adalyn Jefferson
Reserve Elizabeth Landoll

Novice All Around

Champion Mandy Stribling
Reserve Jessamy German

Limited All Around

Champion Heather Bryant
Reserve Martin Jefferson

Advanced All Around

Champion Jen Harden
Reserve Nicole Ditmars

Open All Around

Champion Mike Lund
Reserve Debby Sanguinetti

2021 Calendar

Show Dates

For more information, click here to view the complete calendar in a new window

Date Name Location Show Rep
August 13-15 GSVRHA: Peter Smoot Memorial Clinic & Show Carmel Valley, CA Meghan Carr
Sept 4-5 GSVRHA: Paso Pastures Playoff Paso Robles, CA Dawn Poston
Oct 1-3 GSVRHA: Central Coast Fall Classic San Luis Obispo, CA Mike Lund
Oct 21-24 WSVRHA Year End Finals Las Vegas, NV Kathy Torres

Quote of the Month

Author Unknown (but sounds experienced)

“If you get thrown from your horse you have to get up and get right back on. Unless you land on a cactus; then you have to roll around and scream.”